Seller's Guide

Consult A REALTOR® - The first step in selling your property is discussing your goals with a qualified real estate professional who understands today’s market conditions.  Your REALTOR® will be able to help you decide whether now is the best time to sell, if your timeline is achievable and how to establish your asking price.

Establish Asking Price - It is important that you work with a qualified real estate professional who can help to arrive at a realistic asking price that will attract buyers, meet your goals and appraise so the buyer may obtain a loan. 

Review Marketing Plan - Our associates will customize a marketing plan for your property that uses the latest tools proven to be effective in finding the purchaser.

Prepare The Property - A property that is properly prepared for the market will attract more prospective purchasers, sell more quickly and for a higher price.  Funkhouser Real Estate Group will assist in developing a plan to prepare your property. 

Communication With Your REALTOR® - A clear communication plan with your REALTOR® will allow you to stay abreast of market trends and how they affect the positioning of your property.

Contract Negotiations - Your REALTOR® will guide you through every step of the contract negotiations.  This may include the offer price, financing terms of the buyer, inspection contingencies and other important factors. 

Property Inspections & Repairs - Recently more contracts have fallen victim to property inspections.  It is important that sellers have an understanding of the property inspection process and are able to navigate these negotiations through the assistance of their REALTOR®

Preparing For Settlement - Your REALTOR® will assist you in finding an attorney to prepare the new deed on the property and explain the settlement process.  This should include a review of the settlement statement.

Download a Sellers' Guide flow chart here

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